“I just love helping people. That’s why I give speeches to large groups and write books that have the potential to be read by millions all over the world. That’s why I am constantly creating positive and motivational content for social media; because I am trying to help people to live happier and more fulfilled lives. Personal Success Coaching allows me to do that on a very intimate level. It is such an incredible feeling to work closely with someone and watch them evolve from the person they thought they were into the person they always wanted to be. It really is an incredibly rewarding process for me, and I give my clients everything I have by dedicating myself to their success; together we become unstoppable.”

~ Patrick Manifold

Patrick Manifold is a professional athlete, inspiring author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur from England. Patrick lives a rather unique lifestyle where he literally chases his dreams all around the world. In the last seven years alone he has lived in seven different countries on three different continents, including England, Australia, Canada, Scotland, Germany, Italy, and the U.S.A.

Patrick has a proven track record of not only chasing his dreams, but also catching them too. A boy from a small seaside town in England where basketball was simply unheard of, never took no for an answer in pursuit of his childhood dreams to attend an American university and go on to play the sport he loved as a professional.

Patrick is also a sought after motivational speaker, and has wowed audiences all around the world with his motivating and inspiring message of what is possible for their lives. With Patrick as your coach you will have your very own personal motivational speaker inspiring you to achieve your full potential.

There are not many feelings in life that can compare to the sincere realization that you have significantly changed someone’s life for the better. I am in love with that feeling. Therefore I do whatever I can to help my clients overcome their unique challenges and give them their own powerful set of tools to achieve life changing breakthroughs. It’s an amazing process; actually getting to witness first hand someone evolve into the person they had always dreamed of becoming is one of the most rewarding things I can do as a human being, and something I am immensely proud to be a part of.” 

~ Patrick Manifold

There are those times in life when an opportunity presents itself to us; we know that if we take action upon that new opportunity, there is a good chance it will help us to grow as a person and improve our lives in a multitude of ways. But so often we procrastinate, or let our fear of the unknown stop us from taking action. I encourage you not to make that same old mistake again. Do not let this opportunity slip though your fingers. I believe that it is your birth right to live the life of your dreams, not just to day dream about it. So take action now; contact us with your information and book your free consultation; because together we can change your life forever!

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When Staying Where You Are

Is Not An Option

NEXT LEVEL is a 30 day coaching package that focuses time and energy on the one or two areas of your life, that if changed or improved would have a drastic positive difference on your happiness, sense of fulfillment, and success in life.

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For Those Times You Need

Saving From Yourself

SUPERMAN SESSIONS offer one off personal coaching sessions for those unexpected moments in life where your world seems to have been turned upside down and you require a little help and guidance from someone with the tools and knowledge to help you in your hour of need. (Click the logo above to find out more)


Manifold Motivation currently offer 3 different personal coaching packages: START HERE, NEXT LEVEL, and

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Because Everyone Has To

Start Somewhere

START HERE is Manifold Motivation’s flagship coaching package that offers a life changing 90 days of personal coaching designed for those people who have goals and aspirations for a better life, but are not quite sure where to start; the answer? HERE!

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Manifold Motivation offers Personal Success Coaching services to people looking to make a positive change in their lives. So often we get stuck in a rut that we just can’t seem to find our way out of, or continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. That’s where Manifold Motivation’s coaching services can help you.

Manifold Motivation: Because EVERYONE needs a little help sometimes!

Imagine if you could sit down with someone and tell them all about your life; the good, the bad, and the ugly, and be completely honest about your hopes, dreams and fears.

Then that person -who is an expert in creating positive change and strategies that work- could give you unique tailored advice created especially for you to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future. To help you see the bright light at the end of the dark tunnel you currently find yourself in.

That person’s sole responsibility would be to help you create the existence you’ve always wanted in any and all areas of your life. Wouldn’t that be amazing? To have an intelligent, educated, successful, and caring person to talk to, who is completely dedicated to YOUR success, YOUR happiness and YOUR fulfillment!

That is a Personal Success Coach. That is YOUR coach… and his name is Patrick.

(Below)Patrick Manifold is the Head Coach at Manifold Motivation and offers life changing Personal Success Coaching services to clients all around the world.