What’s In It For You?
If there are just one or two areas in your life, that if changed, reinvented or improved upon could make a drastic positive difference in your happiness, wellbeing, and fulfillment, then this package is the one for you.

Whether your issue is at work, in a relationship, or within yourself, Patrick can help you to strategize a personalized plan of attack to make sure that you not only take the next step, but also that it is a step in the right direction.

Patrick’s Areas of Expertise Include:

- How to motivate yourself

- How to increase self-confidence
- How to create a more positive mindset
- How to improve your self-discipline
- How to be more productive and procrastinate less
- How to create goals that inspire you to achieve them
How to start and stay working out and exercising
- Breaking bad habits and replacing them with empowering habits
- How to get the most out of yourself and fulfill your potential
- Gaining the self-awareness and clarity needed to achieve true happiness

How Does The Coaching Process Work?
With the ‘NEXT LEVEL’ package you will get:
- 1 hour per week of personalized coaching with 100% of Patrick’s focus and attention on you (in person, or via video chat or phone calls)
- UNLIMITED email and instant messaging support for the entire 30 days

30 days

 ONLY £149 (This is a limited time offer)

If you feel that Patrick can help you get to the next level you so obviously crave, please do not hesitate to contact us and enquire. Don’t wait, take action today to get on the path to a better tomorrow.

Email: manifoldmotivation@live.com

Or if you prefer you can message us on Facebook or Instagram

Instagram: @MM_Motivation

*** We offer a COMPLETELY FREE 15 minute no obligation consultation where you can get to know your coach and ask any questions you may have. So what are you waiting for? Email us right now at manifoldmotivation@live.com ***


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