Patrick will have you hanging off his words, while he fills the air with stories of compassion and perseverance. Spending 15 minutes with him will leave you feeling refreshed, energized and most of all motivated.”
~ Janet Bosse


Patrick Manifold is one of those rare speakers that has the powerful ability to truly inspire audiences from all walks of life with his stories of courage, and possibility. He has given speeches to diverse audiences all over the world, from business groups to large companies, and sports teams to universities. His message is simple, yet inspiring; if he can overcome the supposedly insurmountable odds and achieve his dreams; so can you.

When asked about his speaking career Patrick said:
I tend to get very passionate when I am talking about things that mean a lot to me, and that passion is set on fire when I am on stage. There are not many feelings like standing in front of a crowd of hundreds and seeing every eye ball focused on you in complete silence. When I speak I am just myself, and I try to let people know that absolutely anything is possible in this world, you just have to work very hard and believe that anything is possible.”

It is Patrick’s passion that shines so brightly when he speaks that really draws audiences in. When he speaks of his triumphs over adversity, and the self-discipline it took him to get where he is today, the room seems to always fall silent and hang off every word.  Although the subject matter may vary from speech to speech and from group to group, one thing never changes; Patrick Manifold is always inspiring, and unapologetically motivational.

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